Designer Body’s Reality Show Coming

May 06, 2019

There’s a brand new reality show coming to Jamaica. As the world gets comfortable with the idea of body enhancements and modifications, women and men in Jamaica will soon be able to access all their plastic surgery options from Designer Body’s and broadcast their ‘before’ and ‘after’ images for all to see.

Before Designer Body’s officially opens for business in Jamaica sometime in September, the Dominican Republic-based plastic surgery outfit is making another move this summer. With filming slated to kick off in June, Designer Body’s will launch a reality show in July, on YouTube.

“It’s a great time to do it, because we’re expanding,” Michelle Cotterill, representative of the body-mod business, told The STAR.

She explained that Designer Body’s has acquired a ‘dream mansion’ on the island, perfect for clients to stay in during their post-surgery recovery period. According to Cotterill, that is precisely the point of the show, to demonstrate the importance of the recovery period, and to reiterate the fact that plastic surgery results are not overnight.

“A lot of people think they go in and come out perfect. It’s not like that. People can be misleading, and give misinformation about the process, saying negative things. A lot of clients say bad things when they don’t see the result they want straight-away. With this reality show, they will see how important it is to rest and recover, that it’s not an overnight thing. It’s a journey,” Cotterill said.

Some well-known figures are being used to promote the upcoming reality, including DHQ Sher, Shauna Chyn, and DHQ Headtop.

Headtop told The STAR that she doesn’t have the full details of her or the other ladies’ contribution to the upcoming project - considering they have already gone through recovery, but Garcia shed some light on that. “The dolls will have features, but not actually be the clients. You’ll see real clients go through the entire process,” she explained.

Designer Body’s has already lined up participants from all over the world. Clients who have agreed for their journeys to be documented for the show include a Jamaican, an American, a Canadian, an Antiguan, and a British citizen

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