STAR of the Month: I am dancehall’s autotune pioneer – Munga

October 18, 2019
Kenyon Hemans/Photographer Munga Honorable
Munga Honorable

Though he was initially criticised for his autotune approach to music, STAR of the Month Munga Honorable says he is Jamaica’s true pioneer, as the futuristic approach to mechanising vocals in contemporary dancehall productions was popularised by him.

Interestingly, Munga’s autotune approach was motivated by an action young children all over the world find fascinating at some point or other – talking into the spinning blades of a fan. “Yu know when you ah talk inna yuh fan, and the fan pass yuh close? That was it, innuh. Mi ask (producer) Don [Corleone] if him can gimme dah sound deh. I actually wanted that sound at that time. And that’s what came up,” said Munga.

He likened the development to the strategies used by producers like Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – noted for bringing farm animals into studios for sounds and inspiration.

“Perry dem build music outta everything. Him knock him shoes and tell yuh seh ah riddim,” the singer surmised.

“This new era of the game is outta me – out of my production, my flow, my style. They made prevalence in my style. Ah me introduce autotune to the game. Weh dem deh now? Inna mi house. All a dem inna me house wid no rent! That’s why me a go always be relevant, because I play my cards right,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Munga’s ‘style’ was discovered during the writing process for his hit song, Flippin’ Rhymes.

Munga stated that when he introduced autotune to dancehall, he was told that the genre was not ready for a new sound.

“One artiste tell me one time seh when mi ah sing Flippin’ Rhymes, dancehall neva ready fi dat yet. Mi style did so futuristic. Mi nuh even have to look fi new style now. Mi just go inna di old box,” he said.

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