Munga Nah Mad!

January 20, 2020
Munga Honourable
Munga Honourable

In wake of recent tragedies - men taking their partners lives (and sometimes their own) for reasons apparently rooted in jealousy, malice, or 'return on investment', there are some songs in the local music library that should be revisited - like Nah Mad (Ova Nuh Gyal) by Munga Honorable. The song was inspired by observing interactions between his friends, but now the 2018-19 party favourite can be positioned as relevant social commentary, layered with worthy advice.

"To my basic knowledge, nowadays society [is] based off male and female equality. So the ooman dem and hold off dem equality," Munga reasoned. In response to women's continuous stride towards equal treatment, the Gangster Ras's song presents a proud, but harmless approach.

The swaggy bridge sings: " Yuh can't break my confidence. All these lies is just pretence. You (expletive) up girl; don't blame me 'cause - that's just your incompetence. If you wah leave, den jump di fence. You must face the consequence. Let's just call it self-defence."

And Munga explained, why men allowing their unhappy partners to face their consequence of loneliness: "So watch dis now... Some man just have to overstand seh unu don't own di ooman dem - nuh matta weh yah gi de, nuh matta weh yah do fi dem, you don't own her," the entertainer said.

But he had words for women too. "Pon di flip side, it would be better if the ooman dem make some man know seh it nah guh work before a man start out him all in. Or... don't tek a man tings if yuh don't want him!"

Reason being, as the chorus continues, Munga maintains: " Cause a boy like me, mi nah mad (No!) Mi nah mad ova nuh gyal! She coulda pretty like dolly and spend nuff money (No!) We nah mad ova nuh gyal!"

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