Music and discussions power The Indoor Project

March 31, 2020
The Indoor Project
The Indoor Project

Born from another group of friends who are trying their best to keep connected, while staying home, The Indoor Project is another online offering during the COVID-19 clampdown on movement.

Featuring DJ Narity, Richie RAS, Brush1 (Chromatic), DJ Cyclone (Coppershot), Marlon Musique, Panda Don, Jasmine Barrows and Judah Brizan, The Indoor Project is live music and talk programme airing on Fridays and Sundays from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Though last week's opening nights had some teething pains, both DJ Narity and Marlon Musique are hopeful that the project will become a staple addition to the local entertainment package.

"It's my intention to show local and even international entities that the possibility is still there for DJs and creatives to still showcase their talents and help to keep entertainment going during this time, while still being able to earn an income, if done right," DJ Narity told THE STAR. Marlon Musique explained the format.

"It's some friends bringing our talents indoors, because we've been limited in terms of what we can do outdoors. So it's music, all types, and discussion on current issues, whether in the social media sphere or general news," he said.

The Indoor Project is sponsored by Campari, and according to Narity, other sponsors are also already interested in the developing brand.

But there is still some work to be done before deciding if the project will one day become a mainstay.

"We aren't looking at this like it's something that's just for the duration of corona. It's something that we think can have legs beyond that. It really is in our court to execute it the correct way to build up that sort of fan base that will make it relevant past COVID-19. The mission is to try and fine-tune it every episode until we have it at perfection. We really aim to stand out from the other programmes that might be in the sphere," Marlon Musique said.

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