Nikki Z making boss moves

May 14, 2020
Nikki Z
Nikki Z

Despite all the turmoil that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, there are still accomplishments to celebrate. In this case, veteran broadcaster Nikki Z has made another lunge in her 20-year career by opening her very own Studio Z. Over the past few months, the radio personality has hit a familiar stride with her own morning show, Nikki Z Live, on The Voice FM 92.7 and 96.1 FM in South Florida.

The disc jock can now extend herself as she works from her own space in Ft Lauderdale, also in Florida. While settling again into traditional media, Nikki Z is also taking on the challenge of Internet media with her podcast, Sex, Weed & Reggae.

"I'm broadcasting my morning show again, but on my terms. I own my show, and we are moving towards syndication," she told THE STAR.

Movement has already begun, with Nikki Z Live landing a syndication deal with Spark FM Boston - and corporate sponsorship, straight out the gate.

"The first official sponsor is TopUpFlow. They jumped on board a week before I cracked the mic," she revealed.

Career-long dream

Owning her own show has been a career-long dream. With that accomplished, the next step is to steer Nikki Z Live to becoming the staple morning show for reggae music lovers worldwide.

"With the feedback so far, I know this is where I need to be. It's exciting!" she said.

While excited for the possibilities in radio, there is also reason for Nikki Z to celebrate her podcast. The podcast launched in partnership with California-based global media company StreamGuys.

"Given Nikki's long-standing radio influence, fresh perspective, and infectious personality, we knew she would be an ideal fit for this type of project. She produces amazing content while StreamGuys provides both technical and financial backing. We are very excited to help bring Nikki's brand of entertainment to an online audience worldwide," said Jason Osburn, executive vice-president of StreamGuys.

Like her radio show, Nikki Z maintains full creative control of the podcast's content.

"I plan on talking about relationships, love, sex, marijuana culture, and, of course, the music business. It's a podcast for everyone who is thirsty for real talk on provocative topics," she explained.

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