Jayaro Almighty says new song doesn’t condone violence

January 19, 2021
Jayaro Almighty
Jayaro Almighty

Recording artiste Jayaro Almighty is clarifying that his latest track, Old Mona Lisa, is neither condoning violence nor preaching badness.

Even though the track is about a gun, the artiste said he was simply comparing a Magnum .357 to the famed Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci, because of their respective ages and relevance.

"It (the track) is more about being creative and bringing a whole different vibe from the regular. So by listening to this song, you probably won't even realise it's not a love song if you don't listen to the words keenly and understand the metaphors," he said.

Jayaro Almighty explained that the song came about when he got an instrumental from producer Kadoo Williams of Kadoo Williams Music Group.

"Initially, it was meant to be a spiritual, motivational kind of song. The entire idea changed when I just freestyled and got a whole different vibe and decided that I was going to trust the process and go with what I came up with," said Jayaro Almighty. "I have very high expectations for this song. It is no doubt my biggest song to date and it is my most viewed song with a lot of feedback on YouTube. I think this song has the potential to break down a lot of doors for me."

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