Miss Chin gets baptised

January 19, 2021
Miss Chin after her baptism on Sunday.
Miss Chin on set during the filming of the video for her single 'Lowe Mi'.

Looking back at videos and social media posts, recording artiste Miss Chin says it reminds her of the experiences that have led her to the Lord.

Known for controversy and drama, she announced that she is now a proud woman of God, following her baptism yesterday.

“I am so overwhelmed but it is a great feeling to be on this new journey as a Christian, and to be honest, I have been on it for a while. It’s just that I was going through a spiritual warfare and was caught up in dancehall and the drama,” she told THE STAR.

She said that 2020 was a challenging year for her - emotionally and financially. She had to close her salon and everything when the entertainment industry slowed down.

“I found myself falling into depression almost,” she said. Miss Chin was baptised by Reverend Jeffrey Shuttleworth of the Tarrant Baptist Church (which she attends) at a river.

“I know the naysayers are expecting me to backslide or go back to that lifestyle because them think me love dancehall more than my God but I have always been someone that stays prayed up and I have grown spiritually. My walk will be different from that of a Lady Saw or any other dancehall artiste that give them heart to Christ and I have my testimonies of my past that add to that,” she said. “Even though I love music, I wanted to be a pastor when I was younger. Along with the visions I had of God talking to me, it has been prophesied over my life. Now, I have a burning desire to know God more and I have a teenage daughter and I must set an example for my child.”

In her haste to create a new image, she changed her name to Sista Chin on her Instagram account, but immediately returned to the original, which she explained is due to her already being established as ‘Miss Chin’.

“I am baptised but it does not mean I have given up my passion for music. It just won’t be speaking about no underneath this and that or the raunchy type of music people used to hearing from me - dem supn deh dun with,” she said. “The music you will hear from me is more on the conscious side and contemporary, upbeat gospel like Alaine’s Boast Inna God. My single Lowe Mi produced by Outfytt Records, is not exactly gospel but it is on the conscious path as I deejay “M i Bible mi read daily by the chapter”.”

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