Vendor offers medicine through seeds and herbs

May 19, 2018
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Sun flower seeds are among Nathan Thompson's best sellers in the Coronation Market in Kingston.
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Nathan Thompson has a wide variety of nut and herbs for same in the Coronation Market in Kingston.

Whatever the ailment, it is quite likely that Nathan Thompson has the herbal antidote. Among his bestsellers are sunflower seeds and fenugreek powder.

"I have no proof that sunflower tightens the vagina, but the women have been buying it a lot because they it is good for the skin," Thompson said. "Fenugreek is good for belly fat and the skin, so it is in high demand for both sexes."

Thompson has been successfully operating his herbal stall inside Coronation Market for the past six years. His customers are from different socio-economic backgrounds, and most, he says, see positive results after purchasing.

"A lot of persons are turning to alternative medicine, even the doctors. A lot of men who were impotent and infertile come back and thank me after they purchase the pumpkin and walnut seeds. I have no medical background, but I research a lot, and so far, so good. A lot of persons come here because the products are much cheaper here than the herbal stores," he said.

The vendor, who is from Portmore, St Catherine, said initially, he had no intention of investing in the herbal business, but he was motivated to do so after seeing the alarming rate of chronic diseases in Jamaica.

"This was just an act of God that I decided to start this. I had a regular job and just decided to leave it to do this, and so far, it's working. I try to educate my customers the best way I know how. I am no doctor, but everything of value comes from the earth. Sometimes the cure for an ailment costs as little as $100," he said.

In addition to containers for $100, there are also larger portions that go for up to $1,000. Bottled products such as honey and rosemary are also good sellers and go at a price of $2,000 or more.

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