Making masterpieces from recycled material

September 03, 2018
Travis Hunter shows the beginning of the construction process.
Travis Hunter admires his work.
Travis Hunter shows how he constructs his designs.

It's hard to pass Travis Hunter's home in Gregory Park, Portmore, and not take a second glance at the exotic table and bench situated at the front of his yard. Upon inspection, one would easily conclude that the set is made from some of the finest wood and vinyl, but believe it or not, this exquisite piece was made from mostly recycled material.

“I designed this from scratch with plastic bottles, tree barks, newspaper, styrofoam, and I also used cement to get the sturdy feel,” Hunter said.

The 24-year-old admits that he will not reveal all the components of the eye-catching furniture, stating that they are his ‘secret treasures’.

A past student of St Mary Technical High School, Hunter said that he developed a love for the arts while he was an employee at 360 Recycle Manufacturing Limited.

“I was inspired by Scheed Cole, who also taught me the art of sculpting. So when I left the job, I decided to try on my own, and my first pieces were sets of flower pots that I sold for $4,500 a piece,” he said.


He, however, has no intention of placing a price on his table and bench set, stating that the elegant piece will be added to his personal collection.

After posting the set online, Hunter said that he has been contacted by several persons who are all interested in his items.

“I am going to do a rabbit pen, and my neighbour ordered a turtle pond which I am in the process of making. I am getting a lot of orders from overseas. What makes my job unique is the fact that I make use of other persons' waste really. A lot of people will throw their newspaper out after reading or get rid of their plastic bottles, but to me they are all useful,” he said.

Located in his backyard are unfinished patio tables and flower pots of all different sizes and shapes, but according to Hunter, this is just the genesis of what is about to come.

“I am a sculptor by profession, so this is just another thing added to my resume. I was a part of the team that made the horse on Eastwood Park Road. I will be making a lot of in-house furniture. This is going to be my trademark. I really love what I do, and this is what I will be earning my money from for the rest of my life,” he said.

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