UK-based woman wants to help children in homes

January 08, 2019
Joan Wilson
Joan Wilson

Five years ago, Joan Wilson came to Jamaica with the intention of relaxing. However, while here, she had a burning desire to help children, which led her to the Glenhope Nursery and Place of Safety.

"I foster children in England and have grown to love them and had a passion for helping them. When I came to Jamaica, I went in search of a children's home, and from then I can't stop helping," she said.

"When I went to the children's home and saw the babies, I fell in love and got so attached to them. All I wanted to do is help, so there are times I send clothes for them or send money to ensure that they get proper care," she said.

Wilson told THE STAR that children are the future, so she would like persons who have the ability to give a helping hand to do so. The mother of three said that there is nothing better than seeing children succeed, and that is one of the reasons why she tries so hard to help them.

"In the UK, there are a lot of gangs and children are dying. If we can just keep them occupied with extra-curricular activities, it will lessen their chances of doing anything wrong," she said, noting that she is not seeking recognition for what she has done.

She also said that there are times when people put children aside because they have done something wrong, but it is the job of the adults to ensure that these children get guidance.

Meanwhile, Wilson said that she takes pride in coming to Jamaica on a yearly basis from England to see the progress of the children and to see how they have grown.

"It is such a joy when you see them and see that they are doing really well. I wish people would go to these children's homes and do more," she said.

Wilson is encouraging children's homes that may need a helping hand to reach out to her at 876-461-0926.

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