Help A Child Foundation eases mother's woes

January 09, 2019
Not only did her children receive clothes, Simone Scott (right) also received a new bed from the foundation.
Members of the Help A Child Foundation (from left): Amando Johnson, Nailia Evans, Jason Evans (founder), Peta-Gay Ferguson and Leonardo Morris.
Members of the Help A Child Foundation take a picture with the children who they helped to give a fun Christmas.

Help A Child Founder Jason Evans had his eyes set on helping children who are less fortunate over the recent Christmas season.

However, the needs of one woman was so much, he could not turn a blind eye to it.

Evans said that while he had fun helping the children, he is very grateful that persons who have donated to the cause also enabled him to help the family of Simone Scott.

"This family was recommended to us by a woman. She sent information about the woman's son, but the bed which they were sleeping on gained my attention. It looked like two boards holding something up. So we as a group decided that we needed to help her," he said.

He said that through the generosity of one of the coordinators who gave away one of his beds, Scott can now enjoy a good night's rest.

He added that through some of the funds he was given, he bought sheet sets for her as well.

"I am so happy that they were able to help because a ground we did have a mattress and a sleep," said Scott, a mother of two.

Scott told The STAR that for a long time, the roof of her home has been leaking and this caused the bed to deteriorate.

She said that because of this church sister, her children are able to sleep on a good bed and she is grateful for it.

"The bed did rotten and deh pan the grung and is a good thing me get fi dash it weh because a forty leg did deh under deh and me never know," she said.

Evans said that he extends his appreciation to those who made his work possible and for those who have pledged to offer help in the future.

"It was amazing helping these children, we had some of their parents in tears. I am overjoyed that persons help and made this initiative a reality, and I thank others who have also pledged to help in the future," he said.

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