Woman says dead lover has returned as a rat - Rodent refuses to leave her home

January 09, 2019

Call her crazy but Jane Brown* believes that her boyfriend, who died three years ago, has been reincarnated in the form of a rat and refuses to leave her home.

Brown, who hails from Spanish Town, said she lost her boyfriend to illness and she has been missing him ever since.

She said there are days she still cries herself to sleep but never in her wildest dreams did she think that he would come back to her in a creature that gives her the creeps.

"Him come inna me house from last Christmas and all me a try get him out, him nah come out," she said.




When asked how she knew it was him, she said that she just has the feeling because a rat has never entered her home.

She said that her suspicions grew when she tried every trick in the book to get the rat out of the house but to no avail.

"Sometimes me a wonder if a mi cause him fi come in yah. Mi member when mi see it mi frighten and it jump inna the oven so mi light it. Mi a hear squealing and bawling so mi think the rat dead, only to open the oven and don't see nothing," she said.

Brown told The STAR that two days later, the rat re-emerged. She described the rat, saying it was as big as the palm of her hand and said that she tried killing it with food but that did not work either.

"Mi crush up a glass bottle fine, fine, fine and mix it up wid some mackerel and leave it on the counter. When mi wake up mi frighten fi see the container wid the glass and not the mackerel. Nobody caa tell me seh dah rat yah nuh wah stay inna me house," she said.

Brown stated that she believes that mourning for her former lover gave him the impression that she was inviting him in.

"If you ask me, a because mi a bawl over him but mi miss him. In all honesty though, mi nuh wah no rat inna mi house so mi would a like if him come out so mi can go back to living without hunting a rat," she said.

*Name changed

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