Give up the criminals - Police

January 11, 2019
Police personnel cordon off a section of Norman Avenue in Norman Gardens, Kingston, on Tuesday after an alleged wanted man was killed at a premises.

Following the death of an alleged wanted man in Norman Gardens, Kingston, on Tuesday, Superintendent Victor Hamilton, the commanding officer for the Kingston East Police Division, is imploring residents to give up the criminals in their communities.

Hamilton's call comes after one man was fatally shot during a confrontation with the police on Norman Avenue, Kingston 13, on Tuesday. One Intratec 9mm Luger pistol with a magazine containing four 9mm rounds of ammunition was seized during the incident.

The dead man has been identified as Tevin Headley, otherwise called 'Tev', of Brae Street, Kingston 16.


Gangs and gang violence


Hamilton said that for a long time his division has been grappling with gangs and gang violence. To date, he said that the division has roughly 10 gangs, half of which is located in the Bull Bay area.

He said that because people are unwilling to give information to the police, it makes their work harder.

"The areas of concern are Greater Browns Town, Rae Town, Bull Bay, and Rollington Town is becoming a concern as well. We need people to join with the police, help with the restoration process, and to get our communities in order," Hamilton said.

Hamilton is also appealing to the members of the community to desist from protecting gangsters and joining gangs.

"It is time for people to rethink [the idea] that forming armies is the way to solve a problem. We are concerned about this thinking, and again I am appealing to the youths to make something of their lives," he said.

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