Dust bothers Majesty Gardens residents

January 14, 2019
These boys enjoy a game of football in the streets of Majesty Gardens, St Andrew.

Residents of the Majesty Gardens in St Andrew said they are having a hard time coping with the dust nuisance since a pipe laying project began in their community.

The project, which began about one month ago, aims, among other things, to deliver piped water to the community.

The residents say they are happy for the pipe which would enable them to get tap water. They said the dust is affecting them and the children there and something needs to be done to ease it.

“Wi glad fi di pipe enuh, but at the same time, the dust a kill wi,” one resident said.

Another resident said  they have not gotten any indication as to when it will be finished. She says the dust is too much to endure.

"The dust a kill wi man, and the road not even stay good again. Wi want to know when dem a guh done the work because this dust thing yah bad," the resident said.


One resident said that while the community is happy for the upgrade of the water infrastructure, she is disappointed that more is not being done to minimise the effects of the dust pollution.

“Wi realise that dem a lay pipe but dem scrape off the asphalt offa the road, and now we a dead wid dust. Dem come and wet up the road once a day, and more while a wi affi a wet it up again. All the trailer dem weh pass through, dem kick up dust like a storm. Wi need fi know when dis yah work a guh done,” the resident said.

Contacted last night, Charles Buchanan, corporate communication manager at the National Water Commission, said he was not in a position to speak about the project at the time. He said, however, that there are efforts on the way to improve water delivery to the community. 



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