Cops receive threats after alleged gangster detained

January 22, 2019
Wayne Cameron

Two days after alleged gangster Rohan 'Boomhead' Smiley was taken into custody, police are reporting that calls were made to the Mandeville Police station in Manchester promising bloodshed if he was not released.

Reports are that between 5:30 and 5:45 a.m. yesterday, two telephone calls were received at the Mandeville Criminal Investigative Branch.

The caller stated that if the police did not release Smiley, there would be a murder in Mandeville every day.

Head of the Manchester Police, Superintendent Wayne Cameron, said that during an operation in the parish last Friday, Smiley and another family member were taken into custody.

taking it seriously

"We have five murders which were committed in the months of November and December and we want to question him along those lines," he said. Cameron said that as with any threat, the police are taking it seriously and so they are cautioning people to be careful.

He said that in the meantime, they are working to find out who made the calls to the station.

He said that police have no plans of releasing Smiley until they are finished questioning him.

Last year, Smiley told The STAR that he was not a gangster or a gang leader as is perceived by the police.

"Dem mek gang gi mi, because mi nuh sure how mi have gang and mi nuh name nuh gang. Mi a try live a good life and dem just a mix mi up. Mi nuh want no gang and mi nuh have no gang, so the police dem can tek it and keep it," he said then.

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