Normality returns to Richmond Farm after brawl

April 06, 2020

Normal operations have resumed at the Richmond Farm Correctional Centre in St Mary, following a fracas involving inmates and correctional officers yesterday morning.

The clash, which reportedly involved three correctional officers and an inmate, occurred shortly after 11 a.m., when it was discovered that a cell phone was being used by one of the inmates. Correctional officers who attempted to confiscate the contraband were allegedly attacked.

Contraband was found

"Yes, there was an unfortunate incident at the Richmond Farm Correctional facility, however, that has been brought under control," said Matthew Samuda, government senator and minister without portfolio in the Ministry of National Security.

He added: "It is uncommon for sure, but it was spurred by a search of cells, as we increase our rate of search. And because contraband was found and there were attempts by warders to remove the contraband, there was an uprising of sorts by inmates, who were trying to keep their items."

Samuda said that the injuries were not life threatening, to the best of his knowledge.

"But a fulsome statement will come from my office tomorrow morning (today) with all details. I'm not one that's prone to rush with these things. What is the initial story can sometimes change. When I have the data and can speak definitively, then I will," he said.

The injured were taken to the Annotto Bay Hospital also in St Mary, where they were treated and examined.

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