My mother-in-law is too involved in my sex life

July 31, 2020

STAR, my mother-in-law keeps listening whenever me and her son have sex and it's getting to my head. At first mi used to find it a bit funny, but she annoying now.

It is her house, so she have a key fi our room, and one night we were there doing our ting, and right as we in the middle a it, a the woman dat a slap her son on him foot and a tell him say him must take time with mi.

The way mi man frighten him get dead same time, and she wouldn't even leave. She stand up a look and a ask if mi okay. The next morning mi did feel shame to leave the room, so mi sleep until late.

As mi reach in the living room a the woman and her friend dat mi see. Me know say a me dem did a chat.

When her son come and mi tell him 'bout it, all him do is laugh. After that, mi say mi a guh start bite the pillow and tone down on the noise, but even with that di woman still a say she know say pressure a reach mi a night-time and mi a try stifle di noise. She go as far as say she know woman whe leave her son because of his size.

STAR, mi nah tell nuh lie, mi reach the stage whe mi fraid to have sex, because it look like she nuh sleep a night-time. Her son think I am making a big deal out of nothing. Him claim a just so she like to run joke.

STAR she just nuff inna mi life. Just recently she ask mi if mi can give her some pointers on oral sex, so mi ask her how she know mi participate in stuff like that.

She say she know because her son nuh hide nothing from her, and furthermore she saw us one night.

Mi honestly a pree if mi must leave the relationship, because him refuse to move from out of her house, saying it too expensive to pay rent.

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