Amputee living in squalor

February 26, 2021
Gloria Llewelyn
Gloria Llewelyn

The first time THE STAR interviewed Gloria Llewelyn was in 2019.

The elderly woman was seeking the public's assistance after thieves made off with her life savings of $300,000 that she was supposed to be used to purchase a prosthetic leg. The 79-year-old Seaview Gardens resident received some assistance afterwards, but that has stopped, and her living conditions are now extremely undesirable.

The bed linen used by the frail looking woman was extremely dirty and covered with food particles and ants, whose bites add to the bodily pain she already has to endure. Her house is located in close proximity to a gully that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes which have been plaguing her. Throughout the interview, she constantly shouted to God for deliverance.

Pain all over

"Oh God, mi a feel pain all over mi body. Oh God, help mi, mi in pain," she said as the tears streamed down her face. Two elderly men who said they are friends of Llewelyn tried to spoon feed her but she was in too much pain.

Llewelyn's home is without electricity or running water and her only form of lighting comes from a candle. A few food and household items are strewn on the dirty floor. The room in which she stays carries the stench of urine. She firmly gripped the hand of one of her teenage neighbours as more tears flowed.

"She had gotten the wheelchair and the prosthetic leg and other items but things are still bad for her. She really can't live like this. We are doing our best as neighbours to assist but she is badly in need of help. No one should have to live like this at all," the neighbour said.

As Llewelyn's two elderly friends looked on, one got teary-eyed. He stated that life has not always been this hard for her as she was always an independent woman. He states that things took a turn for the worst after she lost a leg to diabetes and her money was stolen.

"She wasn't like this at all. If she never bedridden now, her house would clean. She had children but they passed away. It pain mi heart to see her a suffer," he said.

Persons wishing to assist Gloria Llewelyn may contact her neighbour Angel at 876 897 4202.

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