COME GET YOUR SON - Aunt says sister abandoned her and gone overseas

July 21, 2021

Mary* is imploring her sibling to return for her teenaged son who she 'abandoned' in Jamaica in June.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, the woman said she is frustrated especially since her sister has blocked her calls. Mary said the child, who she described as well- behaved, had lived with her and her mother for almost 10 years but migrated to the United States to live with his mother when he was 11.

"She take him and have him with her in America for three years then she bring him come a Jamaica in June without any food or anything. She block me, him and her mother from her WhatsApp and say she don't have anything to do with the child and she don't want him around her. She said she will be packing up the rest of his stuff and send to Jamaica and we are suppose to raise him," she said.

Mary said she is currently unemployed and her mother is barely working and they are both unable to properly care for the youngster. She said she reported the matter to the police who contacted her sister. But nothing has changed.

Leave him here to suffer

"We don't know what to do. School is September and if we are going to look about school for him we have to do it now. It's like she just leave him here to suffer and we do not know where to find his father either. My nephew is just here and he feels some type of way but he isn't a child who speaks much but I know he feels really bad about the situation," Mary said.

"He is not our responsibility. He needs his mother's love and attention and I don't know what to do. It is not right because he is not our child and we have done what we can for him for years," she said. THE STAR reached out to the teen's mother who refuted claims that she had abandoned her child.

"I told them I will be coming back for him and they just have to be patient. I offered to send a food barrel but my sister refused as she wanted the cash instead. I am going to change my number because a lot of persons have been calling me including the CDA (Child Protection and Family Services Agency) and the police. I did not block anyone," she said.

Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison said she will be making contact with the family to see how best the matter can be resolved.

*Name changed to protect

child's identity

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