Blaise Bicknell eyes ATP tournaments

May 22, 2020
Blaise Bicknell
Blaise Bicknell

Jamaican tennis star Blaise Bicknell has set his sights on competing in Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Grand Slam tournaments "soon".

Bicknell, who is currently Jamaica's number one-ranked player, is rated at 1331 on the APT world men's rankings.

The 18-year-old Bicknell told STAR Sports that he is scheduled to compete in a number of Pro tournaments and that once he does well in these events, he will gain valuable points, which will propel him into the Grand Slam tournaments.

"I am going to be playing a lot of FuturePro men's tournaments in the fall because if you get ATP points from these tournaments, then this will help me to get into the bigger tournaments and, hopefully, the Grand Slams soon," said Bicknell.

"These tournaments are very vital because all the pros have to go through them before you can play in the big Grand Slams," he said.

Bicknell, who is a first-year student at the University of Florida, has so far received three ATP points.

He underlined that he has been using the COVID-19 break to improve on his weak areas on the court.

Improving my game

"I have been working out every day and training with Randy Phillips and my brother Jacob, and it has been going well because I have been improving my game in all areas," said Bicknell.

"I have been working on staying fit and strong and aiming to be ready for when the time comes to represent Jamaica. My serves and return, I just need to improve on them because they are the most important parts of the game," Bicknell said. "I am getting stronger, faster, and playing better tennis, and so I am just looking forward for what's to come," he said.

Bicknell played a vital role in helping Jamaica to secure promotion to Group Two of the Davis Cup championships in El Salvador in March of this year.

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