Sugar daddy taking care of me

April 06, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old. I will be 18 in June, and I have a problem. I lost my virginity when I was 16. I gave it up to a 31-year-old man.

He was like a father to me. He gave me everything. My girlfriends at school were very jealous of me because I always had money.

The story broke out one day in class because one of the boys at school slapped me on my bottom and I was angry.

I told him that he should not fool around with me because I have my man and he is the only one who should touch me on my bottom.

We started to quarrel and I told him that my man could have me any time, morning, noon and night, because he gives me money and anything I want.

A teacher heard us and reported me to the principal. When I went to see the principal, I told her nobody cared about me except this man.

She counselled me and told me to be careful. This man and I are still involved with each other. Nobody can tell me to leave him.

My mother knows about him. She told him that she is begging him not to get me pregnant. He told her that she shouldn't worry about that.

Sometimes when his wife is away, I go and stay with him. He told the people on the other side of the house that I am his niece. So, I always call him uncle.

I would like to go away and he says he would send me. Pastor, don't tell me to leave this man because I am not going to do it.


Dear T.W.,

Anybody who is going to tell me how I should answer their letter should not write to me. I am prepared to comment as I see fit.

You are a teenager and you have been going with this man from you were 16 years old. Your mother knows about the relationship with this man.

It doesn't bother her because she is benefiting from what this man gives to you. But this is not a healthy relationship.

Although you say I should not tell you to leave this man, I would say to you that you would be doing yourself a tremendous favour by ending the relationship with this man, because there is no future with him.

You have declared to your schoolmates that you have a man and he can get you any time. So, as I see it, you enjoy having sex with him and you are happy to have his money.

May I beg you to get yourself a good education, because this man is likely to drop you any time?


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