Cheated on my husband in a cabbie’s car

June 24, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 35 years old and I have been living with a man since I was 25. I am a higgler. My husband does farming and he has done pretty well.

He has a weakness for women; he cannot keep one woman. But every woman he goes to, he tells me; he does not lie when it comes to that.

One day I went to a certain place and I could not get home. I called him and told him, and he said that I should hire a taxi and come home. But that was impossible, Pastor; it would have cost too much.

There was this taxi man who I would sometimes hire and he was in the same area that I was that evening. He asked me how I was getting home and I told him I did not know.

He said that he was not going back until in the morning. He said he was going to sleep in his car. I told him that I would stay with him.


For the first time I was going to cheat on my man. I went and sat on the back seat. We went and parked the car near to a certain market and I had sex with him.

I know that you might ask how I could do such a worthless thing and that I don't love my husband. I do love my husband but nature took over and this taxi man and myself 'did a thing'.

I turned off my phone so my husband could not reach me. I turned the phone back on when I was on my way home in the taxi the following day.

On my way, I had to plan a story to tell my husband. So I told him that he could not reach me because my phone went dead and it did not make sense to hire a vehicle to bring me because it was going to cost me too much.

My husband asked me to tell the story two or three times after that, and I finally asked him if he believed the story I told him, and he said yes. But I don't believe that he accepted what I said.

My conscience is not bothering me, because I think that my husband had so many women during the 10 years we have been married. But I would not want to do this again to hurt him.


Dear S.E.,

You say that your husband tells you about the many women he has had. Some wives, like you, are not bothered by what these men do.

But while these men seek new women and have sex with them, they don't want their wives or significant other to become sexually involved with other men. That is a big no-no.

Your husband trusts you and whatever he does with women will not surprise you, but what you did with the taxi man will not only surprise him, but it may cause him to have a heart attack or stroke.

So you should not have had sex with the taxi man in his car. This excuse that you are making about your husband having other women, so he should not fuss if he becomes aware that you cheated on him, is nonsense.

I hope that whenever you go to that particular place to sell your produce, you will do so early and find your way home.


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