I can only depend on myself

October 15, 2020

Dear Pastor

At the age of six, I was living with my father. My mother never came to visit me. This destroyed me, because when I became a teenager I needed help in certain ways. Anyway, I accepted the fact that she was not in my life but I expected the one parent I had to treat me well. But my father used to beat me with hose and wire, and he tried to break my hands or feet whenever he had problems. It was because of all of this why I though,t and still think, I could not get love from a man.

I was with a guy for three years. I built him up and I steered him in the right direction. He got his visa, bought a house and a car. I had nothing. I was just there for three years building him up. I am going to be 24 years old soon, and all I am seeking is a job. I have learned my lessons, and that is no one really cares for another. So I have to build myself. If I can get some assistance to get a job, I would appreciate it. I am in the nursing field and I am certified to take care of children. I am not asking for money, I am just asking for a job, please.


Dear S.L.,

Although you have had a miserable upbringing, I am glad that you have turned out fairly well. According to you, your mother had nothing to do with you.

She gave you over to your father but he did not handle you with care. He was very rough with you; he physically abused you as a child by beating you.

And that made you think that nobody loved you, and I could well understand why you thought that nobody cared. You were on your own, but you have done well. You have a wonderful heart. Even the man who you became emotionally and sexually involved with, you cared for him a lot. You took good care of him, and as you put it, you 'built him up'. But the love you had for him was not reciprocated. He cared only for himself.

Here you are, not asking for money, as some women would do, but you are seeking a job. May God help you to get one. The things this guy acquired, you did not look at them as yours also, but without you, he would not have acquired so many things. So now you are thinking about yourself. You are 24 years old, you are still young. God will help you, I know he will. You've got ambition, don't give up hope. Keep knocking on doors, write as many application letters as you can.

I'll be praying for you and if anybody is willing to offer you a job, I will contact you immediately.


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